Generation 2019

Annual Report

Combating unemployment — and breaking down the systemic barriers that help cause it — is more important than ever. Our work in 2019 laid the foundation for how we’ve tackled the challenges of 2020, and we are glad to be able to share what we’ve been doing and learning with you.

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A message from our CEO

Our impact to date:


graduates to date across 13 countries


healthcare workers reached through upskilling programs in 2020

While this annual report is about 2019, we need to acknowledge the shockwaves we’ve felt in 2020: the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented economic fallout, and long overdue calls for racial and social justice.

The people most affected by the economic and health crisis are those with the fewest resources, and they are at risk of being left behind. We believe that together we can create an inclusive recovery and reimagine the systems that support them. To address the surge in unemployment, we need to reach large numbers of people quickly and move them into jobs in sectors that do have demand, like healthcare and technology.

That’s why we created Generation. We recruit, train, and place people in jobs. We started with a focus on youth, and now also serve people who are mid-career and returning to work after a break, need to learn new skills, or have lost their jobs–as is so often the case right now.

Our growth and progress last year have set the stage for how we are responding this year. For example, over the last four months we developed healthcare upskilling programs that have supported more than 200,000 nurses, doctors, and nonclinical workers with the skills they need to care for and treat COVID-19 patients.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this work and for the partnership and dedication of our many supporters, employers, and learners. We’re glad to share with you some of what we accomplished together in 2019, as well as in the pandemic thus far.

Join us in creating equity in opportunity and breaking down systemic barriers to employment.

Mona Mourshed, CEO


We made progress in some important areas last year—all of which continue to be central to our work today.

Data insights

Data is at the core of all we do, and we track it so we can offer individual support where it is needed, improve specific components of our programs, and measure our impact.

7 milliondata points collected


Not only do we partner with employers to develop our programs, but before every class we work with them to pre-confirm job vacancies so that our graduates can interview and begin work immediately.

3,910employer partners to date
84%of employers say Generation graduates outperform their peers


Generation expanded to serve mid-career workers who have lost jobs due to automation and digitization, or those who are returning to the workforce after a hiatus, through our ReGeneration program.

48Average age of ReGeneration learners
3countries had programs in 2019: Singapore, Spain & USA

Public institutions

The bulk of the global resources for workforce development lie within public workforce and vocational programs. We’ve partnered with public programs in four countries: India, Kenya, Singapore, and the US.

Kenya Example

35TVET partners
90-100%job placement rate in early pilots

Technology sector

Too often, technology sector jobs are inaccessible to people without university education and STEM experience. Generation places people in technology careers who would typically face uphill battles.

3500+technology graduates


More than half of Generation’s graduates are women, and the impact on their lives is often particularly notable.

19,800female graduates to date
43%of female graduates have dependents

Looking ahead in light of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a massive surge in unemployment, and those who already faced systemic barriers to employment have been hit particularly hard. It has made our work more relevant than ever.

  1. 1

    We halted in person programs and accelerated moving our programs online across all of our countries.

  2. 2

    We developed upskilling programs for healthcare professionals who treat and care for COVID-19 patients—reaching 200,000 so far.

  3. 3

    We are committed to an inclusive recovery, partnering with others to ensure everyone has access to employment.

The resilience and commitment of our learners, our graduates, our partners, and our team have been extraordinary. We will continue working for and with you to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to a meaningful career and sustained well-being.

Meet our graduates

Video: Generation Stories from India, Mexico, and Hong Kong

Through their Generation experience, our graduates have transformed what’s possible for their families, their workplace, and their own lives.

Video: Generation Stories from Kenya, Spain, and USA

Around the world, our students have overcome enormous obstacles to find their career path through Generation.