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Annual Report

Looking back on 2022, our work to break down the systemic barriers to meaningful employment is more important than ever. Here’s what we achieved and learned last year.

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A message from our CEO

Our impact to date:




in wages earned

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Employment changes lives. We see that every day in our work, and in 2022 we moved that work forward — not with tentative steps, but with leaps and bounds — continuing to build on the strong foundation our graduates, our partners, and our team have created over the past eight years.

We achieved consistently strong employment and income outcomes to drive economic mobility for graduates and their families. We continued our transition to an online/blended delivery model, and simultaneously expanded our impact in terms of breadth, depth, and durability — the three types of metrics we track. Our growth was significant — we had over 22,000 graduates, more than double the number in 2021 — and we launched programs in Colombia, bringing our global network to 17 countries. We achieved 81% job placement for our graduates at three months post program, rising to 89% at six months. Through 2022, our graduates have earned $630 million in wages, income that they are investing in housing, education, health care, and other important areas. And in our annual survey of thousands of alumni who are 2-6 years out from graduation, we found that 70% of them continue to meet their daily financial needs and 40% can save for the future.

We continued to expand our commitment to creating opportunities in high-growth sectors, including technology and green jobs. Our core technology programs are offered around the world, and continue to yield some of the strongest long term results. We launched green jobs programs in France, Spain, Ireland, and India, building on the success of our first green jobs program in the UK. And the early results are promising. To date, 86% of the nearly 200 graduates — about half of whom are aged 40+ — are placed into jobs within 90 days of graduation.

We also were delighted to receive confirmation of and recognition for our impact. Third party assessments of our programs in India, Kenya, and France have highlighted that we are successfully placing people in work and outperforming peer programs. And we were honored to be recognized by organizations like Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, thedotgood, and Reimagine Education.

We are endlessly grateful for the support of our generous funders and partners who enable us to pursue our mission. And, of course, for the dedication of our graduates and our team members who move us all forward each day.

And so our work continues. Too many people around the world still face systemic challenges to accessing life-changing careers. By breaking down barriers that stand in their way, we can help people transform their futures. We hope that you will join us.

Mona Mourshed signature
Mona Mourshed, CEO


We measure impact against three kinds of metrics simultaneously: breadth, depth, and durability.


is our cumulative and annual number of graduates and employers.


graduates in 2022


is our graduate employment and income outcomes within three to six months of program completion.


of graduates employed within three months


is the employment, income, and well-being outcomes for graduates over time.


of alumni remain engaged in paid work 2-6 years after Generation

Third Party Impact Assessments

As we grow, third party evaluations help assess our program impact for learners, graduates, and employers, so that we can continue to improve and expand our programs.


Generation India’s programs had higher employment rates and graduate salaries compared to other programs, according to Mathematica. Results for Generation learners showed 66% of them found work within 3 months vs. 21% of those enrolled in other programs; 85% found work relevant to their training vs. 51% in other programs; and they earned 15-35% more.


Generation Kenya’s programs had high employment rates and job relevance as well. A Mathematica assessment showed 60% of Generation learners found work within 3 months; 75% found work related to their training; and employers recognized that Generation learners could fill roles typically needing more experience.


Generation France’s programs had higher economic mobility rates and graduate salaries compared to other programs, according to Koreis. Results for Generation learners showed 68% of them found work within 6 months of graduation vs. 30% of those enrolled in other programs; and 72% earned more post program than before joining Generation.

Looking ahead

We continue to learn and evolve every day, as we work towards our mission — we innovate our approach and the tools and systems that enable it, we advocate for the policies and practices that will create more equitable opportunity, and we grow our work to reach more people.

In 2023, we will continue to support high-quality programs around the world, we will launch programs in Ghana (our 18th country) through a remote model, and we will release two new research reports focused on entry-level tech roles and midcareer worker challenges.

Thank you for your continued support!

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