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For Students

I cannot install the app because I get an error message that there’s not enough free space on my device

My Android phone doesn’t have Google Play installed

When I try to open the link to the Google Play store I get a message about the incompatible browser

I cannot use the app because I don’t have a data plan and / or access to WiFi

My app crashes

When I enter my phone number, I get a message that my number isn’t found.

I cannot complete creating my account because I didn’t not receive a verification code.

I didn’t check in for the class, because I didn’t receive an alert.

My GenApp is in the wrong language.


For Instructors and Mentors

If your students are having problems installing or using GenApp, please refer to the instructions below to help them to troubleshoot some of them.

Setup instructions for instructors

Student did not receive an email with the invite to install Test Flight and it’s not in their spam folder.

Student’s phone number was rejected by the app.

Student didn’t receive the verification code and tried re-sending it at least few times.


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