Instructor / Singapore

Adjunct Lecturer: Full-stack Software Developer

We are seeking a talented full-time adjunct lecturer to deliver our 12-week junior full-stack software developer program that equips young people with the behavioral skills, mindsets, and technical skills needed to become a successful junior developer. The lecturer will work in collaboration with staff at TP and Generation Singapore program staff.

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is a leading institution of higher learning in Singapore founded in 1990. Together, TP and Generation Singapore are launching a new programme to train Cloud Support and DevOps practitioners in Singapore. This program prepares participants for the Cloud Support and DevOps practitioner roles with a specific focus on Microsoft Azure technologies.

Applicants will be interviewed by both TP and Generation Singapore. If you are selected, you will sign a contract with TP, the details of which can be discussed during your interview. Interested applicants may apply by emailing your CV to Ms Paroma Ray (

To be successful you'll need:

About you

You are an education expert (e.g. teacher, instructor, trainer) with software development experience, or a software development expert with experience instructing/teaching. You have an exceptional ability to tailor content to different learners and experience teaching online. You enjoy delivering sessions with energy and enthusiasm to generate excitement about learning new technical and behavioral skills. You build strong relationships with younger and older adults and have a proven record to ensure participants successfully complete the program. 



  • A bachelor’s degree or other relevant experience in Information Technology, Computer Science or a related field
  • At least 2 years experience teaching or coaching in an educational or corporate setting; experience with online or blended learning preferred 
  • Experience working with adults and/or has extensive knowledge of current trends and issues in adult knowledge 
  • Experience with the following languages: Java, JavaScript, React, SQL 
  • Familiar with the following: coding foundations, web development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git & GitHub, Agile Software Development / SCRUM, Object-oriented programming and design, data structures and algorithms, Spring Boot 
  • Relevant industry certifications, e.g. Oracle Certified Java Programmer or equivalent will be an advantage 
  • Up-to-date knowledge and insights on software developer industry trends 


  • 3+ years of experience in the above-mentioned areas 
  • Experience teaching technical content to a non-technical audience 
  • At least 1-year experience in teaching technical content covering the areas mentioned above. 
  • Experience supervising other instructors or trainers 
  • Competency in Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) and Google Drive ● At least one experience delivering training, coaching, or mentoring to a youth audience. 

Mindsets and Capabilities 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Motivational Fit. Passion for helping change the life trajectories of a diverse group of students (potentially including recent graduates, mid-career switchers, and disconnected populations).
  • Professionalism. This includes but not limited to adherence to a professional dress code, communications and engagement with supervisors, colleagues and students and pays close attention to detail. 
  • Effective Communication. Excellent oral and written presentation skills in English – the language of instruction for all Generation trainings 
  • Data Management. The ability to collect and analyse training data as required by Generation Programs. 
  • Growth Mindset. Be self-reflective, openly receive feedback on his / her performance and should be able to apply feedback and pursue additional learning to improve his / her performance. 
  • Solutions and Results Oriented. A positive, solutions-oriented attitude, drive for excellence. 
  • Interpersonal Skills.
    • Strong cross-cultural skills that demonstrate the ability to engage well with participants.
    • The ability to be a team player.

What you'll do:

Delivery of Skills-based Training (70%) under the guidance of the Generation Curriculum and Instruction Lead 

  • Follow the overarching structure and flow of the curriculum, including behavioral skills, mindsets, technical, and employment essentials sessions. 
  • Leverage subject matter expertise during synchronous delivery of online sessions 
  • Guide students through asynchronous (independent) learning modules and help solidify understandings debriefs and synchronous moments 
  • Prepare and personalise sessions by reviewing curriculum materials and integrating stories or examples to increase participant learning. 
  • Engage participants in active thinking and participatory learning using effective communication and facilitation techniques. 
  • Differentiate instruction to meet individual learning needs and accommodate different learning styles. 
  • Provide in-the-moment feedback to participants to clarify misunderstandings and/or encourage critical thinking. 
  • Provide relevant and timely feedback to students on formative and summative assessments, including student projects. 
  • Engage in Generation-sponsored instructional support, professional development and training. 

Program Management (10%). Under the guidance of the Generation Programme Lead: 

  • Input data using Generation’s technology platform (e.g., participant attendance, performance in class and assessments, etc.). 
  • Any other administrative duties required to ensure successful operations of the program
  • Support with screening of candidates and, if necessary, prepare them to attend the training. 

Stakeholder Engagement & Management (10%) 

  • Collaborate with Programme Mentors, Generation and TP staff to identify and mitigate potential risks to participant success and achievement of their goals. 
  • Collaborate with the Programme Lead and commit to acting on any feedback that intends to increase data completion to Generation’s global standards 
  • Collaborate with the Curriculum and Instruction Lead to support program quality. 

Participant Mentoring and Support (10%) 

  • Build relationships with participants, develop an understanding of their personal strengths and challenges, and foster a supportive classroom environment. 
  • Motivate and support participants to persevere through challenges and continue on their journey of professional and personal growth.

About Generation

Worldwide, more than 75 million young people are unemployed. But many employers can’t find people with the skills they need for entry-level jobs. Generation was created in 2014 to help bridge this gap—at speed and scale.

We’re building a skills-training methodology that can serve hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, of young people a year. And we’re building proof that this training creates real business outcomes for employers, and lasting career impact for trainees—so everyone has the incentive to invest in skills. Our goal is to help our students achieve personal and professional success—and fundamentally change their life trajectories. Generation programs prepare unemployed or underemployed young people, aged 18 to 29, for jobs in four sectors: healthcare, technology, retail/sales, and skilled trades.

Today, Generation is active in fourteen countries with diverse social, economic and labor-market contexts.