Program Manager / Singapore

Employer Partnerships Manager


The Employer Partnerships Manager will have the following 3 key responsibilities:

1) Building a robust employer pipeline to help achieve our placement goals for all programs (60%)
Securing employer commitments to hire graduates of the Generation program is a critical enabler of our high placement rates. You are responsible for maintaining high job attainment rates by identifying and securing vacancies for graduates from among our network of employer partners, as well as growing our network beyond the current set of employers. You are further tasked with identifying growth opportunities to embed our methodology in the recruiting and training processes of large private sector companies. Given our scale aspirations, you will need to put in systems and processes, to automate employer engagement and build capacity in the operations team to effectively leverage on our employer network for achieving our placement goals at scale. You will be collaborating with the Program Managers and the Marketing team to deliver on this.

2) Creating and managing a strong employer partner ecosystem that can help achieve our “system change” agenda in Singapore (20%)
Generation aims to transform the existing education-to-employment system to become more inclusive to under-served job seekers and become more responsive to market changes. We do this by partnering with a wide range of partners across Government, corporations, social service organizations, philanthropic foundations and educational institutions. A key part of this role will be to engage our existing employer partners to open up opportunities for the under-represented individuals in the community. This would involve ongoing education and advocacy with employers to consider applicants from non-traditional backgrounds including individuals with special needs and everyone who do not fit the typical profile of a desired candidate for the respective role but given the skills developed by Generation, are able to contribute equally to their jobs.

3) Identifying new programs and job roles for Generation to expand into (20%)
Before launching a new program, Generation needs to validate the existence of job roles and sufficient vacancies in the market. This involves a combination of secondary research and primary interviews with employers across sectors. You will be collaborating with the CEO and the Operations Lead to conduct a job role scoping exercise that typically results in launching of a new program.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

To be successful you'll need:

You love to win, and you are passionate about securing resources and partnerships for a mission that you believe in. You are a self-starter, and can thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, fast-paced work environment. You are also a problem-solver who is curious, persistent, resourceful, and who enjoys pursuing opportunities to help the team identify and secure partnerships so that all our programs will have a robust pipeline of employment opportunities to ensure program sustainability.

Specific requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Need to be driven by our mission to transform education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • Strong experience in a sales or BD role, preferably involving senior stakeholders within Government, corporate or philanthropic organizations
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite and CRM database (Salesforce preferred)
  • Demonstrated analytical skills to initiate and perform complex analyses and organize information to identify employer partners, tendencies, and relationships
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including an ability to find, analyse and synthesize complex information to produce clear and effective written document
  • Ability to be highly organized, structured, and multitask to manage dozens of employers and other partner relationships from inception to conversion
  • Integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed with demonstrated passion for Generation’s mission and commitment to working collaboratively
  • A growth mindset; self-reflective and open to frequent feedback from multiple stakeholders
  • A positive, solutions-oriented attitude, drive for excellence, and ability to be a team player
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, embracing the opportunity for creativity and hard work inherent in a start-up
  • A strong sense of ownership (takes personal responsibility for meeting objectives) and timeliness
  • The ability to be flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing environment
  • Data-driven approach in presenting/influencing and informing decisions
  • Prefer candidates who have a work-permit in Singapore


What you'll do:


Employer pipeline

  • Creating an employer engagement strategy for Singapore, and collaborating with Program Manager and the marketing team to prepare employer pitch decks and other resources required for outreach
  • Identifying and contacting target employers based on specific program requirements, communicating our value proposition to the employers, and formalizing the nature of partnership (includes securing 1.5-2x number of vacancies for every learner estimated to be trained)
  • Establishing an employer communication strategy, and collaborating with the Marketing and Operations team to manage employer relationships on a continuous basis
  • Leverage technology and CRM tools to keep track of employer pipeline; create employer dashboards for leadership from time to time
  • Provide general troubleshooting support for the operations team, and support in resolving potential conflicts that might arise in the operations stage with employers and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring all relevant legal documentation with respect to relationships with external stakeholders is completed, up to date and appropriately stored
  • Set up processes for regular data collection and tracking of our learner’s performance post placements
  • Contribute to building a strong brand awareness among employers, and making Generation a partner of choice for all entry-level recruitment challenges they face

Employer advocacy

  • Develop our employer facing Diversity & Inclusion strategy in line with target population groups that we want to serve
  • Onboard key employers to adopt an inclusive approach to recruiting talent
  • Plan and execute employer advocacy campaigns to create awareness and identify new partners for the cause
  • Design and implement a supervisor engagement strategy to ensure successful integration of individuals from non-traditional background into the workplace
  • Managing current partnerships, and creating a standard communication cadence to deepen our existing relationships
  • New program scoping
  • Develop a strong pipeline of programs based on market validation and aligned with the country strategy
  • Lead the employer outreach to conduct scoping discussions for shortlisted new programs
  • Onboard employers for Activity Mapping and Curriculum design support
  • Collaborate with the Learner Engagement Manager to scope the supply side for the new programs
  • Create and present the business & impact case for new programs to the funders and internal investment committee

About Generation

Worldwide, more than 75 million young people are unemployed. But many employers can’t find people with the skills they need for entry-level jobs. Generation was created in 2014 to help bridge this gap—at speed and scale.

We’re building a skills-training methodology that can serve hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, of young people a year. And we’re building proof that this training creates real business outcomes for employers, and lasting career impact for trainees—so everyone has the incentive to invest in skills. Our goal is to help our students achieve personal and professional success—and fundamentally change their life trajectories. Generation programs prepare unemployed or underemployed young people, aged 18 to 29, for jobs in four sectors: healthcare, technology, retail/sales, and skilled trades.

Today, Generation is active in fourteen countries with diverse social, economic and labor-market contexts.