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Finance Assistant—Kenya

We are seeking a talented Finance Assistant to fill up a role that involves reconciliation of student payment records and providing support in finance and administration.

The Assistant will report to the Generation Kenya Finance and Administration Manager.

This role is a full time one (40 hours a week) with an expected start date of week of 25 September 2018.

Interested candidates should send applications to zawadi@generation.org with a cover letter and curriculum vitae by latest 18 September 2018.

To be successful you'll need:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Accounting, CPA training and at least 2 year of work experience, preferably in Finance, IT or Call Centre operations.
  • Ability to communicate clearly over the phone to deliver messages around student payment.
  • Basic IT skills, financial reconciliation skills and experience in following up with students by phone call.
  • A passion for the start-up environment, fast-changing priorities and achieving challenging goals.
  • Well-developed sense of attention to detail.
  • Interest in working in a fast-growing organization and being an integral part of aggressive scale efforts.
  • A positive, solutions-oriented attitude, drive for excellence, and ability to be a team player.

What you'll do:

Student payment tracking

  • Use an Excel tool to track all students who have made payment.
  • Report on the outputs of the payment tracker with implications for operations (e.g. % students using instalment option).
  • Reconcile number of students who have paid against number in class and upload student payment data onto GenData.
  • Interact with Generation Kenya staff and delivery partner staff to escalate student payment reconciliation challenges as required.

Outstanding student payments

  • Identify and report on students who have not made payment on time.
  • Schedule and execute on call schedule to students with outstanding payments, communicating a clear and consistent message on every occasion.
  • Track payments in response to calls on outstanding payments to adjust approach over time to maximise collection of funds.
  • Escalate any student payment issues to Finance and Administration Manager when relevant.

Finance support

  • Following up with vendors for invoices and other necessary documentation due to ensure timely processing of payments.
  • Verifying and reviewing all vendor invoices, supporting documents and staff reimbursements to ensure accuracy of payments
    and reimbursements.
  • Petty cash reconciliation to facilitate timely request for reimbursement.
  • Scanning and filing of all payments documentation for forwarding to HQ for audit and accounting purposes.

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