COVID-19 Global Response

COVID-19 has upended life around the world, and we are helping by putting Generation’s expertise to use.

The pandemic is placing unprecedented strain on healthcare systems. There are a large number of existing healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff who need to be rapidly upskilled to care for COVID-19 patients and stay safe themselves.

Generation has created coalitions that include medical, academic and other partners. Together, we are creating online courses to train healthcare workers in how to treat and care for COVID-19 patients. We are grateful for the opportunity to leverage our expertise in rapidly developing practical and interactive role-specific curricula.

What we’re doing


Italy had an urgent need to upskill nurses throughout the country on personal protective equipment use, non-invasive ventilation procedures, and stress management under emergency conditions. Within three weeks, we formed a coalition (San Donato Group, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, SKY TV, Intesa Sanpaolo), and supported our medical and academic partners by creating eight hours of online learning modules and assessments to share their clinical expertise. The modules were nationally accredited by the Ministry of Health and launched on the national nursing association (FNOPI) website.

To date, 12% of nurses in Italy have already enrolled in the course, and it has been well-received, with 80% of participating nurses saying the course was immediately relevant to their work and 93% saying the quality of the course was excellent or very good. By their request, the course has also been made available to members of the national doctor and dentist association (FNOMCeO).

55,000nurses have enrolled
80%have already completed and passed the course
13,000doctors have enrolled
55%have already completed and passed the course

View the Generation Italy COVID-19 web page (in Italian)  

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In Mexico, the challenge was how to help protect non-medical staff who are working in healthcare, including everyone from hospital administrators to orderlies. Generation partnered with Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), the largest healthcare system in the Americas serving over 80 million people, to create an online course showcasing expert medical content about use of personal protective equipment, handwashing, and self-care. It is hosted on the IMSS website where it can be used for individual and group training and accessed by participating workers for reference at any time after training is complete. View the IMSS site (in Spanish)  

100K+non-medical staff will receive the course
279hospitals will be reached


As in the rest of the world, nurses in India have needed to quickly learn new practices for working with COVID-19 patients. To meet this challenge, Generation India has coordinated a coalition of partners—including Columbia Asia Hospital, Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI), ABP News, Learnet Skills, National Skills Development Corporation, and Hosmac—to develop a free training course for nurses. Showcasing expert medical content from partners, Generation India created the online learning experience for the course which offers lessons in infection prevention and control, use of personal protective equipment, and self-care. The course is available online, and offers approximately four hours of content. Upon completing it and passing a series of assessments, nurses receive a completion certificate.

35,520doctors and nurses have registered
55%have completed the course

View the Generation India COVID-19 web page

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Spanish frontline health personnel required additional support to ensure their preparation and protection while working with COVID-19. Generation Spain joined with Grupo Paradigma, The United Way Spain Foundation, and an experienced group of multidisciplinary academic and medical experts, to create an online course around infection control and prevention, non-invasive breathing supports, and stress management. The course is recognized by the national nursing council (el Consejo General de Enfermería). It is open for registration on Grupo Paradigma’s website   and course content will launch on May 29.

20,000nurses have registered for the program
5,000have completed the course

View the Generation Spain COVID-19 web page (in Spanish)