“Generation” is moving to @generation.org

We’re pleased to announce that Generation has chosen generation.org for its new email domain. Our IT team has been working on the migration and is looking forward to moving employees from mckinseysocialinitiative.org to our new email domain generation.org effective August 1, 2017. Although August 1 is the hard cutoff date, your can now accept incoming mail to your new email address in your current mailbox so start spreading the word. Among the email change we are also activating single sign on (SSO) which enables us to use our Office365 email address & password to sign into other platforms.

What’s does the change mean?

Our current email domain (mckinseysocialinitiative.org) will be replaced with a new one (generation.org). Your new email address will be in the form: NAME@generation.org.

Do I need to do anything on August 1st?

You’ll need to complete a few simple tasks to complete your migration, such as re-creating a profile in Outlook or your mobile device when you arrive to work on the 1st. Below are instructions to remove and add your new profile based on the device. If you use the web portal to view your mailbox just log in using your new email address with your current password.


Mac Computer

iOS Device

Android Device

Will I stop receiving emails at NAME@mckinseysocialinitiative.org?

No, any incoming emails to your @mcksinseysocialinitiative.org email address will continue to come into your new mailbox but all outgoing emails will go out as your updated email address i.e. NAME@generation.org.

Are you migrating my email and calendar to the new domain?

Yes, we’ll migrate all of your email messages, calendar events, and personal contacts from @mcksinseysocialinitiative.org, so they’ll be ready for you when you sign in with your new email.

Will the IT department provide assistance during the transition?

To get you up to speed quickly, we’ll provide plenty of documentation and training resources. Each country has a dedicated user who will be your point of contact on the ground as well as Guillermo will also be available to answer your questions or resolve any issues you encounter.

Will my password change?

No, your password will remain the same. Please continue to use your current Office365 password.

What is SSO (Single Sign On)

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. Generation You Employ will be using your Office365 email and password to authenticate using different platforms (Google Drive, Google Docs and Zoom) starting July 12th. When you log into Google you’ll be redirected to an Office365 login page where you will use your Office365 email and password to authenticate into Google Drive, Docs, etc.

Will our website domain change too?

No, not at this time. Our website will remain the same www.generationinitiative.org.

*** If you’re on PTO August 1 you can either update your profile from vacation or when you return. You will not be able to access new emails until you update your profiles.