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*For hospitals, this registration is a one time process, only for those hospitals that have not registered with Generation directly

Generation, along with its coalition partners, has organised a free training course to upskill nursing staff in India working with or likely to work with COVID-19 patients. The lessons offer practical, demonstration-based, and immediately applicable support in the areas of:

a) Infection prevention and control in COVID-19 crisis
b) Use of Personal Protective Equipment
c) Role of nurses in handling COVID-19 patients and
d) Taking care of self

The course has been designed keeping in mind the guidelines/protocols of the key standard setting agencies such as the WHO, AIIMS, ICMR etc.

The course is certified by The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) and on scoring 70% marks, Nurses will get 4 credit points that can help with renewal of registered license.


Infection Prevention and Control in COVID-19 crisis

  • Spread of SARS-CoV2/COVID-19
  • Standard precautions for IPC: Effective Triaging of Patients
  • Standard Precautions of IPC: Hand Hygiene
  • Standard precautions for IPC: Respiratory Etiquette

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Introduction to the Personal Protective Equipment
  • Donning of PPE
  • Doffing of PPE

Taking care of self

  • Symptoms of stress and fatigue
  • Self Care and Stress Management Strategies

Role and Responsibility of Nurses in handling Covid-19 patients

  • Symptoms of COVID-19 patients
  • Clinical indications for ventilating a patients
  • Setting up an Isolation Ward
  • Preparing for intubation
  • Ongoing care of Patients: The process
  • Empathy and assurance to the patient
  • Standard precautions for IPC: Disinfection of surfaces and medical equipments
  • Standard precautions for IPC: Handling Soiled Linens & Waste Management
  • Standard precautions for IPC: Safe handling of dead bodies

Program Characteristics


3.5-4 hours


Online course

Certification Partner

Completion certificate presented by THE TRAINED NURSES’ ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (TNAI)

A global effort

COVID-19 has upended life around the world. We are helping by putting Generation’s expertise to use, creating online courses with medical, academic, and other partners in several countries to train healthcare workers.

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