Our People

We have too many amazingly talented people to list. But here are a few of the leaders that keep us moving forward.

Global leadership

Mona Mourshed headshot

Mona Mourshed

President and CEO
Seto Akinjiola headshot

Seto Akinjiola

Global Director of HR
Kelly Cassaro headshot

Kelly Cassaro

Global Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Alex Hay-Plumb headshot

Alex Hay-Plumb

Global Director of Partnerships
Ali Jaffer headshot

Ali Jaffer

Global COO
Kat Kelley headshot

Kat Kelley

Global Director of Learner Engagement
Christian Lilley headshot

Christian Lilley

Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Morton headshot

Patrick Morton

Deputy COO
Christina Powers headshot

Christina Powers

Global Director of Data & Impact
Guli Ruzmetova headshot

Guli Ruzmetova

Global Director of Finance
Jennifer Sikes headshot

Jennifer Sikes

Global Director of Communications
Bonni Theriault headshot

Bonni Theriault

Global Director of Business Development

Country leadership

Leonardo Caetano headshot

Leonardo Caetano

Generation Brazil
Brian Cheng headshot

Brian Cheng

Generation Hong Kong
Jeremy Fox headshot

Jeremy Fox

CEO, Asia-Pacific
Nicolas Goudy headshot

Nicolas Goudy

Generation France
Ramakrishnan Hariharan headshot

Ramakrishnan Hariharan

Generation Kenya
Prateek Hegde headshot

Prateek Hegde

COO, Asia-Pacific and Program Lead, Singapore
Michael Houlihan headshot

Michael Houlihan

Generation UK
Malcolm Kinns headshot

Malcolm Kinns

Generation Australia
Laura Moodey headshot

Laura Moodey

Generation Mexico
Oscar Pasquali headshot

Oscar Pasquali

Generation Italy
Sean Segal headshot

Sean Segal

Generation USA
Arunesh Singh headshot

Arunesh Kumar Singh

Generation India

Curriculum & instruction

Gilda Colin headshot

Gilda Colin

Global Curriculum Designer
Jennifer Drucker headshot

Jennifer Decker

Global Curriculum Designer
Carlos Echeverry headshot

Carlos Echeverry

Global Curriculum Designer
Romina Piersanti headshot

Romina Piersanti

Global Curriculum Lead

Digital team

Alma Merino Cedeno headshot

Alma Merino Cedeno

Global Digital Team Lead
Juan Andres Alfonzo headshot

Juan Andres Alfonzo

Product Designer
Omar Benitez headshot

Omar Benitez

Junior Software Engineer
Alfredo Campos headshot

Alfredo Campos

Junior Software Engineer
Alejandro Ortíz Chávez headshot

Alejandro Ortíz Chávez

Junior Software Engineer
Daniel Fernandez headshot

Daniel Fernandez

Product Owner
Ingashian Gibendi headshot

Ingashian Gibendi

Global Product Operations Manager
Esmeralda Rivero Hernández headshot

Esmeralda Rivero Hernández

Junior Software Engineer
Fernando Gutierrez Magaña headshot

Fernando Gutierrez Magaña

Product Designer
Rogelio Vargas Marquez headshot

Rogelio Vargas Marquez

Senior Software Enginner
Jesus Daniel Oliveros headshot

Jesus Daniel Oliveros

Mid Software Engineer
Jorge Pampliega headshot

Jorge Pampliega

Product Operations Associate - Europe
Vaibhav Pandey headshot

Vaibhav Pandey

Product Operations Associate - Asia
Esteban Piazza headshot

Esteban Piazza

Junior Software Engineer
Christopher Sanchez headshot

Christopher Sanchez

Product Design Lead
Irving Andrade headshot

Irving Andrade Vergara

Junior Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Michael Halbye headshot

Michael Halbye

Maysa Jalbout headshot

Maysa Jalbout

Salah-Eddine Kandri headshot

Salah-Eddine Kandri

Scott McKinley headshot

Scott McKinley

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka headshot

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

Mona Mourshed (board) headshot

Mona Mourshed

Michael Silber headshot

Michael Silber

Anne-Marie Slaughter headshot

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Kevin Sneader headshot

Kevin Sneader

Kevin Steinberg headshot

Kevin Steinberg