We have too many amazingly talented people to list. But here are a few of the leaders that keep us moving forward.

Global leadership

Mona Mourshed headshot

Dr. Mona Mourshed

President and CEO
Anne-Marie Frassica headshot

Anne-Marie Frassica

Global Curriculum & Instruction Manager
Ali Jaffer headshot

Ali Jaffer

Global COO
Patrick Morton headshot

Patrick Morton

Deputy COO
Jennifer Sikes headshot

Jennifer Sikes

Director of Communications
Lola Stevens headshot

Lola Stevens

Operations Director

Country leads

Brian Cheng headshot

Brian Cheng

Generation Hong Kong
Abhishek Gupta headshot

Abhishek Gupta

Generation India
Ramakrishnan Hariharan headshot

Ramakrishnan Hariharan

Generation Kenya
Rajen Makhijani headshot

Rajen Makhijani

Country Director
Generation Singapore
Sean Segal headshot

Sean Segal

Generation USA
Carlos Bertrán Sundheim headshot

Carlos Bertrán Sundheim

Generation Spain

Curriculum & training team

Joe Baker headshot

Joe Baker

Global Curriculum Lead
Kelly Cassaro headshot

Kelly Cassaro

Global Curriculum Lead
Gilda Colin headshot

Gilda Colin

Global Curriculum Designer
Jennifer Drucker headshot

Jennifer Decker

Global Curriculum Designer
Carlos Echeverry headshot

Carlos Echeverry

Global Curriculum Designer
Mariana Holliday headshot

Mariana Holliday

Global Curriculum Lead
Alexandra Jabs headshot

Alexandra Jabs

Global Training Lead
Romina Piersanti headshot

Romina Piersanti

Global Curriculum Lead

Digital team

Alma Merino Cedeno headshot

Alma Merino Cedeno

Global Digital Team Lead
Alejandro Ortíz Chávez headshot

Alejandro Ortíz Chávez

Digital Christian Consuelo headshot

Christian Consuelo

Global Digital Tech Lead
Digital Arturo Moysen headshot

Arturo Moysen

Global Digital Tech Lead

Board of Directors

Norbert Doerr headshot

Norbert Doerr

Michael Halbye headshot

Michael Halbye

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka headshot

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

Mona Mourshed (board) headshot

Mona Mourshed

Michael Silber headshot

Michael Silber

Anne-Marie Slaughter headshot

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Kevin Sneader headshot

Kevin Sneader

Kevin Steinberg headshot

Kevin Steinberg

Peter Voser headshot

Peter Voser

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