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Anna | UK

Career break

Anna had not worked for over seven years as she has a young family and was spending her time looking after them. She loved looking after her children and wanted to transfer those caring skills into a career where she could make a difference caring for other people.

Help for mothers

Childcare had been a barrier for Anna, she couldn’t find a training course to help her get the career she needed that would work around the needs of her young children. Generation UK provides financial support for parents in London and Leeds to help them complete their training and not have to worry about their childcare needs. Anna was able to utilise this and it enabled her to focus on the programme and not worry about her children. “Them going to nursery for full time during the course really helped me.”

Confidence to start again

Anna has completed the course and is now feeling confident about going into a new role with the NHS. She received help every step of the way. She was able to create a professional CV and personal statement which she had never had support with before and this has enabled her to apply and go for the job she wants.