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Luciana | Italy

An unexpected opportunity

Luciana, was working as an air stewardess when Covid hit. “I was made redundant and wasn’t sure what to do next” her friend told her about Generation’s free training opportunities for young, unemployed people and so she headed over to the Generation website to find out more.

Transferrable skills

When researching online Luciana came across the Salesforce programme, “a bell rang in my head when I read about Salesforce, because I saw similarities with my previous job. The parallels might not sound immediately obvious, but CRM is all about building relationships, which is what I loved about being a flight attendant.” Luciana completed her application and got onto the programme and soon realised this was the right path for her. Generation team members were there to support her every step of the way and she got to work in class with lots of different people from all kinds of backgrounds. “It was so fun working as part of a team.”

A new beginning

After utilising Trailhead to learn how Salesforce works, Luciana showed her dedication to pursuing this as a career gaining 95 badges and 4 super badges and is now close to achieving the highest rank you can achieve on the platform. She is now on a six month traineeship with Italgas, one of the top employers in Italy and is hoping to secure a permanent position with them afterwards. “I never imagined this route, but I’m excited to keep challenging myself. There’s a whole new digital world out there to discover!”