USA – Alumni Leadership

The Alumni Leadership program is for Generation alumni who want to promote alumni pride, provide input to Generation on programs and opportunities, and gain additional professional skills through leadership experiences and responsibilities. There are two alumni leadership programs available: Alumni Ambassadors and Cohort Leaders. Join an exciting group of leaders in your city!

Alumni Ambassadors Program

What’s an Alumni Ambassador?
Alumni Ambassadors are the face of the alumni community in their cities and serve as the voice of their fellow alumni. You will work with other alumni to strengthen your city’s Generation community by organizing events, sending communications, and providing ongoing mentorship.

How do you apply to become an Alumni Ambassador? 
Complete this application and we’ll be in touch!

How are Alumni Ambassadors selected?
Each city will select two or more Alumni Ambassadors, city-wide, who represent Generation behaviors, skills, and mindsets. Alumni will apply and interview for the role.

How long are Alumni Ambassadors in their role?
Alumni Ambassadors may serve in their role for one year from their start date. When an Alumni Ambassador is transitioning out of their role, it is up to the Ambassador and their mentor to create a succession plan to onboard and acclimate their successor.

Will Alumni Ambassadors receive compensation?
Yes! Alumni Ambassadors will be given a stipend as compensation for their support of the Generation program and will be distributed after an Alumni Ambassador hosts an event or per recruited student.

What are Alumni Ambassadors responsible for?
Alumni Ambassadors are responsible for collecting valuable contact information from their fellow cohort members and community building events.

Cohort Leaders

What’s a Cohort Leader?
Cohort Leaders are individuals who exemplify Generation’s expectations of leadership. These leaders help facilitate a sense of community in their class and work closely with the city’s Alumni Ambassadors.

How are Cohort Leaders selected?
In the second week of the cohort, the students, mentor, and instructor will vote for the Cohort Leader.

Cohort Leaders represent Generation behaviors, skills, and mindsets. This person exhibits a high-level of professionalism, engagement with instructional content, and a strong interest in building relationships with fellow classmates. This person is not only the class leader but also the class cheerleader. They are excited about everyone’s success and enjoys keeping the group close.

Will Cohort Leaders receive compensation?
Cohort Leaders will not receive compensation. This position is strictly voluntary and provides a pathway to becoming an Alumni Ambassador. This position also provides visibility to partners and employers, as well, as national recognition, opportunities and involvement with Generation at a local and national level.

What are Cohort Leaders responsible for?
Cohort Leaders hold two responsibilities, community building, and communication. Cohort leaders are encouraged to plan fun events and stay connected with their classmates!

How long is the Cohort Leader in their role?
The Cohort Leader role is an ongoing role throughout the program and into alumni-hood. Cohort Leaders are the glue of their class, and their strengths and efforts are utilized by the Alumni Ambassador and cities to support the alumni community.