Our Impact

Generation is committed not only to achieving the greatest impact we can, but also to sharing what we’re learning and doing.

17 Countries
71,806 Graduates
296 Cities

of our graduates are female


of all graduates have dependents


increase in student income after Generation vs. before

Graduate Well-Being

Our graduates come to Generation seeking opportunity they haven’t been able to access elsewhere, with 93% of them unemployed prior to the program.


employed within 90 days after program completion


still employed one year after placement, and 3% have moved onto better opportunities


of graduates from 2-5 years ago continue to meet their daily financial needs, and 40% are saving for the future

Employer Impact

We work with 6,000+ employer partners globally to provide them high-quality talent for entry-level positions.

Satisfaction 92%

of employers would hire Generation graduates again

Performance 82%

of employers say Generation graduates perform on the job as well or better than their peers

Delivery Impact

Our model depends on strong local and national partnerships to deliver and support the Generation program allowing us to scale quickly.


Our operating cost per student is 20-50% that of peer programs in each geography

6-8 wks

to launch a new city


implementation partners

Annual Report

Dive inside our global impact, graduate stories, and future plans.

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Generation Stories

敖清雯 Nat | 香港

第一屆「鼓掌 X 創世代」客戶服務(酒店前線及物業管理)課程畢業生敖清雯(Nat)於完成課程後,成功獲聘於麥當勞道貳號酒店式服務住宅公寓,擔任前台客戶服務員一職。

Nazni | India

“I had been looking for a job long before I joined Generation, but I couldn’t find one because I wasn’t qualified enough. I got very depressed, thinking that even after studying until Higher Secondary, I wasn’t doing anything.”