Stories from the global Generation community.

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Tamires, Brazil

Tamires is a mother of a baby boy named Theo and a graduate of the program “Juntos,” a bootcamp for people of color, run by Generation Brazil with support from McKinsey & Company, including in-kind advisory services and cash grants to help promote diversity and inclusion.

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Generation Grads Beyond COVID-19

Generation graduates successfully navigated difficult circumstances in the pandemic, finding great jobs, and adapting to the ever changing world of work.

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Generation Stories: Kenya, Spain, and USA

Around the world, our students have overcome enormous obstacles to find their career path. Through their Generation experience, they’ve transformed what’s possible for their families, their workplace, and their own lives. Stories from Isabel (Madrid, Spain), Eunice (Nairobi, Kenya) and Martin (Birmingham, USA).


Generation Stories: India, Mexico, and Hong Kong

Watch the Generation experience from Seema (New Delhi, India), Thomas (Hong Kong) and Dante (Guadalajara, Mexico).

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Success Story

Stories from Kenya: David

David was in his second year of university in Nakuru, Kenya studying marketing when the pandemic hit. When the city went into lockdown, classes were canceled (and would remain so for over a year). As the weeks turned into months and there was no sign of the universities reopening anytime soon, David began to seek employment.

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Generation has provided me with the skill and opportunity I never would have had otherwise. Now I’m on a new career path and my future is bright.”

—Irene, Junior Web Developer, USA

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“Generation seriously changed my life.”



“Generation changed my life. I can think of myself as upper class right now.”



“Because I’ve been amassing wealth, I’ve been able to buy my own car and house. I was financially in a position to start a family. I’m now blessed with a beautiful daughter. I am very thankful for the opportunity that was given to me by Generation.”



“I wouldn’t have gotten into this company if I wouldn’t have gotten into Generation, Generation has given me the ability to explore who I am and what the future has in store for me.”



“I found out there’s actually quite a lot of women joining the tech industry, you just don’t hear about it. That got me really thinking, if they can do it, why can’t I be given the opportunity? You didn’t need any formal qualifications when joining the program. You didn’t need to know anything about tech. So that was very shocking for me. It was so amazing and literally anyone could do it.”



“Now I will do work and support my family. Generation was the best thing I can say that happened to me. It is the best step of my life.”



“Anytime anyone in the class felt overwhelmed, and maybe wanted to give up, Generation mentors were there to tell you: ‘Yes, you can do this! Keep going. Don’t forget the reason why you’re here!’ After everything I’d been through… I felt like I arrived. I finally did it. There was an unbelievable amount of joy. Generation has given me a lot of hope.”



“I never thought all this would happen. Without Generation, I would still be jobless. I’m really, really grateful.”



“I thought Generation was just a course,’ she told us. She was surprised to be connected with multiple companies upon graduating, and having the opportunity to showcase her student project. She received two offers and chose Thoughtworks, where she now works as a software developer.”