Faisa | UK

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An Immigration Dream Interrupted by COVID

Faisa learned English at the age of 12, when her family immigrated to the UK from Somalia. Her mother was focused on education for her girls, and Faisa and her older sister were the first in the family to graduate from university.

Faisa was proud to obtain a degree in business management, something she had a strong interest in. But, shortly after graduating, the pandemic gripped the country, and along with it, the job market. So, she found herself in a never-ending job search with increasingly dim prospects.

The pressure to secure employment was mounting. “You start feeling doubt about yourself, about your skills, and really about your worth as a human.”

A Dream to Help the Planet

During the pandemic, Faisa began to learn more and more about climate change and took a serious interest in the topic. She wondered how she might apply the skills she learned while studying for her degree in business management in the burgeoning green economy.

One day, while researching opportunities in the green sector, she found Generation. It felt like the sort of thing she had been looking for. “Everything started from there,” she told us.

The growth-mindset curriculum and the help she received for the interview preparation and resume development were crucial forms of support for her. In addition to the technical skills she learned, she also received support in reframing her resume for a green sector opportunity. “Generation was with me every step of the way,” she told us.

Planetary and Personal Sustainability

She landed a role in a company she felt aligned perfectly with her values, just three months after graduating. “A very short time for me,” she told us.Today, not only does she have a sustainable income, but a career with purpose. “I definitely see myself improving not just in this company but in the whole sector, because I think the energy sector really provides great opportunities!”