Our People

Learn more about the dedicated team who leads our work to increase economic mobility for people around the world.

Global Leadership

Juliano Allegrini

Global Head of Marketing

Elaine Barr

Global Director of HR Services

Jihane Berrada

Global Director of Partnerships

Kelly Cassaro

Chief of Learning

Alma Merino Cedeno

Global Director of Digital

Goldie Chow

Global Director of Data & Impact

Mat Constantine

Director of Online Learning

Shalini Dwivedi

Global Director of Instruction

Jeremy Fox

CEO, Asia-Pacific

Ali Jaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Kat Kelley

Global Director of Learner Engagement

Annie Kim

Global Director of Compliance and Risk

Jastine Klink

Global FP&A Director

Minh Huy Lai

COO, Europe

Dana Lee

Global Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Product Development

Gillian McKenna

Chief People Officer

Patrick Morton


Mona Mourshed

Global CEO

Alyssa Owens

Global Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Affiliate & Partner Support

Gabriela Paranhos

COO, Latin America

Guli Ruzmetova

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Sikes

Chief Communications Officer

Bonni Theriault

Chief Partnerships Officer

Country Leadership

Gloria Arlini

Generation Singapore

Fatène Ben-Hamza

Generation France

Brian Cheng

Generation Hong Kong

Mercedes de la Maza

Generation Mexico

Harry Grayde

Generation Chile

Michael Houlihan

Generation UK & Ireland

Malcolm Kinns

Generation Australia

Andrea Matsui

CEO Generation Brazil

Corrinne Ngurukie – Yamo

Generation Kenya

Oscar Pasquali

Generation Italy

Phunyanuch Pattanotai (Aom)

CEO Generation Thailand

Arunesh Singh

Generation India

Mercedes Valcárcel

Generation Spain

Board of Directors

Laura Corb

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Michael Halbye

Board Member, Kirkbi A/S

Maysa Jalbout

Visiting Scholar and Special Advisor on the UN Sustainable Development Goals at MIT and ASU

Salah-Eddine Kandri

CEO – Southeast Asia, Central Asia, & Europe Humania Capital (DIFC) Limited

Stephanie Khurana

CEO, Axim Collaborative

Wendy Kopp

CEO and Co-founder, Teach for All

Siva Kumari

CEO, College Possible

Linda Fayne Levinson

Chair of AZA Finance, Clearpath Robotics and Wndyr

Scott McKinley

Founding Partner, McKinley Hodge Group

Mona Mourshed

Global CEO, Generation

Dana Brakman Reiser

Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

Michael Silber

Senior Partner Emeritus (McKinsey & Company)

Anne-Marie Slaughter

CEO, New America

Kevin Steinberg

CEO, Ascent Leadership Networks

Senior Advisors

Eduardo Kassner

Chief Data Officer, Software Digital Platforms Division, Microsoft Corporation