We sit at the intersection of employers, policy makers, and job seekers, and seek to share this set of unique perspectives.

Why we research and advocate

To promote a more equitable workforce system, we advocate for improved policy and employer approaches, complementing what we learn from in-country programs with research and data insights that can inform policymakers, employers, funders, and other workforce programs.

Latest Thinking

Launching a Tech Hiring Revolution

To help address this critical challenge, we launched what we believe is the most comprehensive global survey to date of entry-level tech talent. Participants included more than 2,600 jobseekers, another 1,275 jobholders already in tech roles and 1,325 tech and non-tech companies, spanning eight countries: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Midcareer Perspective 2023

The Midcareer Opportunity

The world of work is getting older, with profound implications for the labor market, government finances, healthcare and welfare systems, and millions of midcareer workers. The OECD and Generation teamed up to survey thousands of hiring managers, employed, and unemployed people across Europe, the UK, and the US. The resulting report reveals unfounded but deep-seated ageism, explores barriers and enablers to career success, and lays out the steps that business, policymakers, and midcareer and older workers themselves can take now to navigate our transition to a more digital and sustainable world.

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Midcareer Perspective 2021

Meeting the world’s midcareer moment

For midcareer workers everywhere, the diverging paths ahead are especially stark: if we choose to recognize the talents of this group and help them adapt to workplace disruptions, we can prosper together. But if we stick with the status quo, a bad situation will only get worse. That is the key takeaway from a global survey—the first of its kind—to provide an in-depth view of individuals aged 45-65 seeking or working in entry-level and intermediate roles.

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In Search of Durable Change

Measuring how long impact lasts can be difficult, but nonprofits and donors should make the effort.

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