Eduardo Kassner

Chief Data Officer, Software Digital Platforms Division, Microsoft Corporation

Eduardo Kassner is the Chief Technology Officer leading the Partner Success Team at Microsoft Corporation. His team is responsible for defining the strategy and developing programs to drive technical capacity, technical practice development for the top global partners of Microsoft worldwide, as well as influencing the global programs that support the hundreds of thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide. He has built up 32+ years of experience managing, architecting and designing complex IT environments, and connecting IT and Business Objectives in real life. He has lead teams that actively helped international corporations and governments with their challenges in a direct and no-nonsense approach, combining structured frameworks with hard earned experience, linking discussions from technical requirements to business value, with the ability to link the Microsoft technology stack to the way it can provide value in an enterprise or government environment. He co-wrote and published the Enterprise Cloud Strategy and Designed to Disrupt eBooks, both published by MS Press which have been downloaded over 300,00 times. Eduardo lead the teams that designed, hired and managed the Microsoft Cloud Architecture role and worldwide community, Cloud Adoption Frameworks, Operations Management, Automation, and Architecture Patterns. He commonly speaks in conferences worldwide on the topics of: digital transformation & evolution, cloud adoption, cloud architecture, cloud patterns and best practices, public / hybrid / private cloud strategies, operational efficiency, IT return on investment and total cost of ownership, and the overall Microsoft Platform. Eduardo is a member of the Advisory Board of Artificial Solutions Inc., an artificial intelligence innovative company based in Stockholm Sweden, who develops award winning Conversational AI solutions.