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Celebrating 100,000 alumni & $1 billion in wages earned since 2015

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Video Transcript:

I spent my whole life hearing about all the things that weren’t meant for me.
All of us were raised in the slums. I have carried a heavy burden on my back.
I was searching for work. There were four lives depending on my job.
When my husband passed away I had no job and no savings to take care of my kids.
I had up to three jobs at a time and it wasn’t enough for a dignified existence.
I probably sent close to a hundred resumes.
Everyone asked for experience or internship that I did not have.
I received many “No”s in my life.

Until Generation came along and said to me actually, there is more to what you can do.
I do look back at the Generation Program as a transformative moment in my life.
The support from Generation was always there throughout the way.
Straight after I graduated I got into a role within a week.

It is life changing.
I’ve never seen a paycheck this big before.
Within the next two years myself and my husband are looking to buy a house.
I can afford water, electricity.
Our nutrition has improved.
I’m able to help my dad pay for medical care.
I want her to have everything, you know, education, housing.
What we’re earning now is a respectable salary that leaves room for our dreams.
I know this is super cliche because everyone says it, but I also want to acknowledge that for me Generation changed my life.
Generation has really changed my life.

Celebrating 100,000 Alumni to date
With a life-changing $1 billion in income earned