Jeisson | Australia

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Living on the Edge

Jeisson earned an undergraduate degree in engineering in Colombia, but realized after graduating that his future career prospects in his home country were dim. The jobs he found offered low pay and long hours – and he began to get sick as a result of poor working conditions.  

He took advantage of a government program to earn a master’s degree in Australia, and realized the quality of life there was much better. So, he began to look for pathways to citizenship. But upon graduating, he could not find work in his field, because he didn’t have any local working experience. The only work he could find was in the hospitality industry. 

He needed work not only to survive but to send money back home to support his mom and his two nieces. “I’m from a humble family. My income in hospitality was not much, but I was the main supporter for my family members back home,” he told us.

Then COVID hit, and the hospitality industry completely shut down. He suffered a long period of unemployment, and because he was not yet an Australian citizen, he was not eligible for any government support. He hustled the best way he could in those dire circumstances in order to survive – cutting expenses to the bare minimum, offering tutoring services when he could, and relying on local mutual aid groups for any support they could provide. “I was really living on the edge,” he told us. “Sometimes I would have just one meal a day.”  

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Jeisson, being a very resourceful individual, began to see the explosion in technology, which was fueled by remote work. He realized there may be opportunities there, and so he rolled-up his sleeves and began to research what kinds of jobs are available in the tech world. That’s when he found Generation’s Cloud Computing program

Unable to afford basic expenses, let alone an expensive training program, the fact that Generation was free was essential to him. 

“What I enjoyed the most about the program was the human component; the fact that you have people supporting you: the teachers, the mentors, the tutors,” said Jeisson. Finally, he wasn’t alone on his journey. He had the support of an entire team of professionals helping to land him a career with future prospects and a sustainable salary. 

Starting a Career in Tech

In just three months after graduating, Jeisson had found a job as a technology consultant at DB Solutions. 

His salary is more than he’s ever earned before. He moved to a new apartment, and began to live a life free of worries about how to pay rent, internet and gas. He can now easily enjoy a meal out with friends or colleagues, and save for the future. 

Crucially, he told us, “I’m able to support my family in a much better way, and without being worried that if I support them, then I wouldn’t have enough for my own needs.”

Recently, his mom had a health issue, “but because we were finally able to put her on good insurance, now she’s fine,” he told us. 

Jeisson plans to grow his career in technology and has a vision to eventually use his skills for social good, to help people in need, and pay forward the help he has received from Generation.