Generation France and Cyclofix launch a new program to support the ecological transition

The COVID-19 health crisis and its corollary — the economic crisis — have brought to light a dilemma for governments around the world: how to reconcile job creation with a more sustainable economy?

According to the World Economic Forum, 369 million jobs will be created by 2030 if companies decide to go green. At the same time, 71% of the jobs in the green economy are facing recruitment difficulties in 2020.

Generation France’s mission is to help individuals of all ages find employment by offering them professional training and personalized support to maximize their chances of building a stable and fulfilling career.

To achieve its mission, Generation France works with a variety of partners to identify jobs in short supply and to provide training programs to meet employer’s needs for talent. One such partner is Cyclofix with whom Generation France is joining forces to support the ecological transition by launching a new program: Bicycle Repair and Maintenance.

This training prepares learners for a career as a bicycle repairer and maintenance technician. It includes specific modules taught by Cyclofix to master the technical aspects of bicycle maintenance, while developing customer relations skills. At the end of the program, learners will be able to work as self-employed entrepreneurs or join specialist workshops or large retailers that require these services.

Alexis Zerbib, CEO and Founder of Cyclofix: “Cyclofix is particularly sensitive to issues of mobility and social impact. This is why we felt it was appropriate to join forces with Generation France, which wanted to set up a training program focused on sustainable jobs. We share the same desire to be actors in the integration and support of learners towards sustainable employment.”

Meryem Belqziz, CEO of Generation France: “When we identified the high employment potential of the bicycle repairer profession, we wanted to work on creating this training program with an experienced partner who shared the same values. Cyclofix met these criteria perfectly.”