Generation has seen exciting growth in LatAm since 2015

The journey of Generation in Latin America started with a program that prepared 89 high-performing cashiers in Mexico in 2015. 

Since then, LatAm has launched seven new programs and expanded to three additional countries: Brazil in 2019, and Chile and Colombia in 2022. In particular, we have established a strong presence in training and placing talent in the tech sector across the region.

As Generation Mexico just celebrated its eighth anniversary in the third quarter of 2023, we take a moment to look back at the amazing accomplishments of our organization across the Latin American countries where we have been active since our initial launch in Mexico back in 2015.

Generation LatAM Timeline(click the timeline to view at full size)

Who do we serve?

From 2015 until the third quarter of 2023, 6,750 people have graduated from our programs in Latin America; a number projected to increase to over 7,000 by the end of the year. Most of these graduates completed the Full Stack Java Developer program, considered to be the region’s flagship program. Despite the fact that tech careers have been historically male dominated, our LatAm tech cohorts have 30 to 50% of learners identifying as female.  

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), at the end of 2022, more than 10 million young people in Latin America were looking for a job and couldn’t find one. ILO also reported that the informal employment rate for youth in the region is ~60%, notably higher than the 47% rate for adults. Generation is responding to these structural challenges with ~95% of learners in LatAm between 18 and 29 years old and 85% unemployed before joining Generation. Two to five years after graduation, 91% of our graduates are engaged in paid work, and 63% can meet their daily needs and save for the future, figures which show the durability of our impact. 

“Our graduates in Latin America have experienced a 4x income increase, which has led to promising career opportunities and, ultimately, economic mobility for underrepresented groups, including women, indigenous people, afro descendants, and members of the LGBT community,” says Gabriela Paranhos, Generation’s regional COO for Latin America.

Who makes it possible?

To implement our regional programs, we rely on the support of various entities including donors, governmental organizations, employers, and implementation partners. Some of our donors in the region are: Citi Foundation, Colsubsidio, Fundación Corona, Fundación MC, Fundación Viento Sur, Garcia Family Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, McKinsey & Co., Microsoft and Telles Foundation.

Generation LatAm achieved an 86% job placement rate for our graduates six months post-program. That was possible due to the network we have built of over 1000 employers, including large global and regional organizations committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as small and medium-sized companies that need support in finding qualified candidates. 

The region’s top employers of Generation graduates are: AB InBev, IBM, Itaú Unibanco, Mercado Livre, NTT Data and Tata Consultant.

What is to come?

While technology has been the focus of our main programs in the region, Generation is now expanding to include other in-demand job sectors in Latin America. These include green jobs and sales-related roles. Keep an eye out for updates! To learn more about our work in LatAm and explore collaboration opportunities, please contact us at


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