Ginevra | Italy

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Covid: A challenge and an opportunity

Ginevra always had a passion for languages and majored in English, Portuguese and German in university. She assumed she would one day work as a translator or interpreter. Upon graduating, she began working in her family’s hotel, helping out in various areas of the business.

She continued for two years at the hotel, and while she learned a lot, she also realized that ultimately this is not her path. Financially, she was not self-sufficient yet. She lived with her family, as well, and dreamed of one day being independent.

When Covid hit in 2020, and the country went into lockdown, the family business was hit very hard. It was both a very difficult time, and an opportunity to dream up a new vision for her life.

When changing careers is cost-prohibitive

Ginevra always had an interest in technology. During the pandemic, she realized that she could take a bootcamp and reskill herself in that arena. But the courses she found online were too expensive — it was out of reach for her financial means at that time. She searched for months.

Finally, she found Generation, which was free.

“When I saw the quality of the course, the fact that they skill you in behavioral and mindset skills (not just technical abilities), prepare you for employer interviews, and the whole thing was free… I was in disbelief.”

Independence, at last

Today, Ginevra works at Deloitte, a company she was connected with through Generation. She landed the job within a month of graduating from the Junior Salesforce Developer program.

She is finally independent, and recently moved out of her family home to live with her boyfriend, “something I never could have afforded before,” she told us. A large array of possibilities are now open to her.

“I hope that more people can discover Generation. It changed my career and my life for the better. I’m very grateful for it.”