Jessica | Brazil

If you spot the tattoo on Jessica’s left wrist, you might guess she works with technology. Still, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess what the programming language symbol “</>” represents to her. “I got this tattoo two days before graduating from Generation’s program. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the challenges I have overcome, my capacity to reinvent myself, and how strong I am,” she says with tears gushing from her eyes.

Jessica is 35 years old, a mother of two boys, who lives in Guarulhos, a city close to São Paulo in Brazil. Passionate about sports, she got into a private Physical Education university when she was younger, but had to quit before finishing because she could not afford the tuition fee anymore. That is when she started working in retail in a variety of different roles. Before beginning the four-month bootcamp with Generation, she worked in the beverage industry for four years. Her duties included delivering drinks to customers, managing inventory, and sales.

Last year, she discovered Generation’s programs through an exclusive cohort sponsored by Zé Delivery, a beverage delivery platform. The program she attended was designed for delivery workers and their family members. By going through the program, Jessica has finally found renewed excitement about her professional life. “For the first time in 12 years, my eyes were shining with excitement at the prospect of an opportunity,” she said enthusiastically.

Combining work with classes from 8am to 5pm, studies, and family was extremely challenging, but she knew she had to seize this amazing opportunity. “I could only make it because of the support of a network of people! I am incredibly grateful for my wife, mom, dad, and everyone who helped in any way they could. I also want to acknowledge the amazing people taking the course with me. They were always willing to lend a hand, and the program staff was also incredibly helpful and empathetic,” she said.

Two months ago, she was hired as a Back-End Developer at BEES, an e-commerce and SaaS company created by the multinational firm AB InBev. “Everything is so new, but my life improved in many aspects after this opportunity,” she says. Working from home, she can now take her kids to school every day and spend more time with her wife.

“To Generation, Zé Delivery, and other companies: keep doing this amazing work because there are many Jessicas out there,” she adds at the end of the interview.

With a sense of pride, her children now declare to the world, “My mom is a developer.” And Jessica cherishes her tattoo as a reminder of her remarkable achievement.