Leonardo | Chile

A job without potential

Leonardo worked as a production operator. His working conditions were not ideal — it was physically demanding and the shift-based scheduling was complicated. On top of that, his salary was low and there was no possibility of promotion. All of this, plus a series of family incidents, hardened his resolve to look for a career change.

The call that changed everything

Leonardo saw an advertisement for Generation Chile on Instagram, but he wasn’t convinced at the beginning. It was the call he received from Generation Chile’s CEO that encouraged him to apply. He interviewed and was accepted into the program. His excitement about the opportunity was growing, and he left his job immediately to dedicate himself 100% to the bootcamp.

Generation, my happy place

The bootcamp presented technical challenges that captivated him, and Leonardo spent a lot of time after classes furthering the skills he acquired during the day. He learned to work in a team with his peers, and his cohort became a safe, familiar place for him. “It’s not just any training program. Generation is a family. Generation is my happy place.”

I made it!

After graduation, Leonardo joined SMU as a front-end developer. “After I took part in the Generation program, I was born again. Now I love my job, I have career aspirations, and I can support my family,” he says. Leonardo’s newly found professional success also inspired his family members, who were going through a complicated economic situation at the time. “If Leo could change his future in 3 months, we must also make the effort to do the same,” said his father. Now, he and his family are no longer worried about being able to make ends meet, are they are saving for the future.