Manuel | Spain

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Manuel is a midcareer professional who graduated from Fundación Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program earlier this year. Stories like his attest to the fact that a life-changing career switch is possible for midcareer workers.

The renewable energy industry is growing and there are many companies that seek qualified candidates, yet can’t fill their job vacancies. Therefore, there is an opportunity to expand the talent pool and ensure that no one is left behind in the green transition. Manuel’s story is a testament to the challenges midcareer workers experience when looking for employment.

Before starting the program, Manuel’s expectations about his future were quite low. He saw how younger people were getting hired and he kept sending CVs without being called back. When one of his daughters was asked in school what her father was doing for a living, it was very hard for him to know what she had to answer. Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program was the opportunity that got him out of that difficult situation. “People aged 45 or over can do many things, and if we have the right approach and willingness, we can go wherever we want to,” he said. Now, Manuel is growing professionally and personally in his job at Solar del Valle, a renewable energy company, and he is proud that his daughters can now say that their father works in the green economy, installing solar panels.

Fundación Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program enables midcareer professionals like Manuel, who had no previous training or experience in the green economy, to find a job in this field in less than 4 months.

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