Pooja | Australia

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Returning to Work in a New Country

Pooja had worked in India as a customer service professional, then took a career break to raise her daughter. When the family moved to Australia, and her daughter had reached secondary school, Pooja decided it was time to go back to work.

She began applying to jobs without much success, and then the pandemic hit. With rampant unemployment, in an unfamiliar terrain, her prospects of success fell dramatically.

“I knew I had to upskill,” she told us.

Embarking on an Upskilling Journey

Not knowing quite where to begin, Pooja began googling using search terms like “digital jobs Australia.” Generation came up as one of the results.

She was a bit hesitant at first to pursue a career in front-end development, something very different from her prior experience, but she gave it a chance.

Generation’s mentorship, mindset and soft skills curriculum were enormously helpful to her as she plowed through the rigorous curriculum.

“I think I would hear this word: being persistent… and not giving up, at least ten times a day. After a while, it kind of sits in your head,” she told us.

Gaining Confidence

Today, Pooja is a proficient entry-level coder with bright career prospects. “It will make sense eventually. Eventually everything will fall into place, which is what happened to me.”