Trinidad | Spain

Trinidad del Rocío is a graduate from the second cohort of Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program. Despite having a wide professional trajectory in the retail sector, after launching her own business, she decided to move to the electricity sector. She found out about the program, and she didn’t think twice before applying.

A woman, mother, worker and a born fighter, Trinidad is currently hired by Holaluz, a technology company that commercializes electric energy from renewable sources, such as solar panels.

What was your situation before joining Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program? What was your work experience before applying?

Before the program, I was unemployed.

How did you see your work future in the next few years?

Before joining the Generation program, I didn’t see it clearly because of my age. Today, being older than 40-45 makes it difficult to access most jobs. But I never gave up!

What program expectations did you have during the selection process?

I saw myself installing solar panels everywhere! But, above all, I expected a new opportunity to build a sustainable professional future.

Do you think that the program has helped you to specialize in the sector of solar panel installation? Do you feel ready to work once the practice period is over?

It has totally helped. It’s an intensive theoretical and practical training. I feel prepared and motivated to work in the sector. I am more than capable of doing it!

How have you felt about being the only woman in your cohort? Would you encourage more women to follow a similar training in the solar energy sector?

I didn’t feel different than on other occasions in which I was in a similar situation. Everyone has to adapt to everyone in an equal way. And, of course, I would encourage other women to follow a similar training in solar energy! The question is: why not? It’s a job that we can do as well as any man.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Have your expectations changed?

In 5 years I see myself working in the same sector, although maybe in a different role, and growing personally and professionally.

Would you recommend this program to other people that are currently unemployed or are facing difficulties in their jobs?

Anyone who feels the slightest interest should try it. It’s a very interesting sector that plays a key role for the future. A few years from now, solar panels will be on all buildings, from houses, to corporate offices, industrial warehouses, etc., for the sake of the planet and for our own sake.