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Beatriz | Spain

Beatriz graduated from the Java Development program offered by Escuela de Organización Industrial and Generation Spain. With a background in chemistry, she was unemployed before joining the bootcamp and felt frustrated because of the difficulties she experienced in finding a job in the chemical industry. After the bootcamp with the knowledge acquired, which was not only technical, she continues to grow professionally as a Business Analyst at Qaracter.

What was your situation before starting the Generation program?

Before starting the program, I was unemployed. I didn’t have any job offers and barely had any interviews. My previous studies were in chemistry and I was looking for a job in this sector, but I also liked programming, which I believe is very important for society, especially nowadays.

How did you find out about the Generation program?

I discovered the Generation bootcamp thanks to an email from Garantía Juvenil, which is a program supporting young people in their job search. I got an email with Generation’s bootcamp offering, and the Java Development program was the one that caught my attention.

What were your expectations after going through the selection process?

My expectations were to learn something new and to find a job in the tech sector.

What memories do you have from the first day of class?

The first day of class was very exciting. I remember everyone was a bit nervous, as we were getting to know each other. The instructors were very reassuring and they motivated us.

What skills did you develop through the program?

It was a very intensive course that teaches you from the most basic concepts to the most complicated ones. We developed a fully functional website, connected with a database. I think that my classmates and I are now fully competent in the Java programming language. Besides that, the program also tought you soft skills and employability skills, which are very important.

Did you make good friends during the experience?

Very good friends! I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in and that I would feel lonely. But I made great friends from all over Spain, and we developed friendships that will last for many years.

Are you working right now? If so, where? And, are you happy in your role?

Yes, I’m working as a Business Analyst in a consultancy called Qaracter. I am very happy that I work for a company that gives me the opportunity to constantly learn and to develop myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will keep on learning and improving myself in the company I currently work for.

What do you value the most about the Generation program?

The technical skills are very important, but one of the things I value the most are the soft skills that we learned. Also, the training in employability was very important when looking for a job on LinkedIn and, above all, the job interview advice we got from our instructors and mentors.

Would you recommend this program to people who want to work in the tech sector?

Of course! If someone is into programming this is a great starting point to get into the sector. Besides, from day one there’s a team of people focused on your learning and development.