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Jose | Spain

In July 2022, Jose Eduardo Madrigal graduated from the Solar Panel Installation pilot program in Cordoba. He has vast experience in the electricity sector and, after being laid off, decided to join the training offered by Fundación Generation Spain, in partnership with Blackrock and Fundación Magtel.

What was your situation before starting Generation Spain’s Solar Panel Installation program?

I had just been laid off after my company went bankrupt and dismissed all its employees.

Before the program, how did you envision your professional future in the next few years?

Very negatively due to my age. I am currently 56 years old and ever since I was 45 I started being rejected in interviews because the employers were looking for younger profiles.

What expectations did you have during the selection process? What were your expectations regarding the program?

When I was asked about the commitment I have to finalize the course, I assured the interviewers that, if I was selected, I would put my job search on hold, because I had an unemployment subsidy, and that I would commit 100% to finalize the course.

Do you think that the program has helped you to specialize in the sector of photovoltaic panel installation? Which learnings have been the most useful?

Regarding solar energy, which is not only electricity, I did not know about the importance of orientation, inclinations, timing, effects of the temperature or types of structure to obtain the maximum benefits of solar energy. Through this program I learned many new notions.

Are you currently employed? If yes, where? And are you happy in your new role?

Yes, Magtel selected me to do an apprenticeship in their operations department. When I finished the apprenticeship, they offered me the chance to continue working full-time.

Our day-to-day work is very diverse, but always connected to the energy sector. I don’t install solar panels, but if needed, I am trained to do it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Have your expectations changed?

I don’t know and I find it difficult to think about it. I always say that I go where the future takes me. In this case, I thought of the Solar Panel Installation program as an interesting learning opportunity for me and at the moment I would like to continue growing in this sector. At Magtel, there is a great working environment and I am happy to be a part of this organisation.

Would you recommend the program to other people who are unemployed or to people who are currently facing difficulties in their jobs?

Yes, without a doubt. But one must not be confused: this is not a program that guarantees a job after graduation. However, it supports you in getting a foot in the door with various employers and also by offering you mentorship after graduating from the program.

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