Isabel, Spain RPA

From a conventional career to a digital profession

Isabel graduated from Rey Juan Carlos University with a degree in Tourism. Even though she speaks several languages, she couldn’t find a job.

“Before starting the program, I had lost all hope and self-esteem. I was coming after a long and unsuccessful job search and I was in a situation I saw no way out of.”

Her goal was to be able to come home one day and tell her parents that she had found a job. On one of those days surfing the internet and looking for a job, she received an email informing her of the RPA training that Fundación Generation Spain was offering together with Prosegur.

Graduating from an intensive RPA bootcamp

After completing and passing the Fundación Generation Spain online recruitment process, Isabel was selected to participate in the pilot program developed with Prosegur. The company wanted to build around the Generation graduates its first Robotic Process Automation team.

The program consisted of three months of training in a sector that Isabel never imagined she could work in. Still, her dedication, energy, and positive attitude helped her overcome the different challenges that came with this intensive program.

“I remember the excitement, how easy it was to break the ice with the first colleagues with whom I spoke, the uncertainty of what would happen, the sense of not feeling alone, the hope of finding a new path. Above all, I remember how happy I felt to return home that afternoon.”

“Generation has helped me learn the ins and outs of RPA and how to deal with the unknown.”

From RPA developer to automation lead in 5 years

After completing the training, Isabel was one of the participants selected to join the newly formed Prosegur Robotic Process Automation team. But her rise and growth in this sector did not stop there. Like for most of the graduates of the Fundación Generation Spain RPA program, a whole world of possibilities opened to her.

Since 2017, Isabel has worked for different technology companies. Currently, she is an Automation Lead at Roboyo, the largest intelligent automation professional services company in the world, with locations in 20 cities, 13 countries, and 3 continents.

“What makes Generation unique is that the transformation you go through during their programs makes you a better professional,” says Isabel.